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Article: Top 10 Summer Colognes

Top 10 Summer Colognes

So you are hitting this fancy beach club. Ordering your pina colada, taking a sip and scanning the crowd...

Here she is! Wow! I mean... oh wow! She's stunning! And you are like, why not?! Right? You played the whole intro in your head and you are ready to make the move. That would be a shame to risk it all if you are wearing an edgy cologne though. I mean, are you 100% sure she would like what you are wearing?

Well... don't you worry, because CurlyScents has got you covered!

Here is here 10 picks for the summer colognes women love smelling on a man.

Hit the right button to watch how SBOY For Him ranks or scroll it all the way to the left to see the full list.

Don't forget to get your EXTRA $35 OFF 
with promo code: CURLYSCENTS

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