16 Colognes That Turn Women On

Top Fragrances For Men To Get Lucky

Alright, there is that girl sitting by the bar just a few feet away from you and everyone is looking at her. You are thinking to yourself... "What can I possibly say to attract her attention?"

You glance over your shoulder to scan the room. There is at least 20 guys getting ready to make a move. The pressure is on!

Suddenly, you notice that she moved her chair closer. She leans over and softly whispers:
  - "Excuse me. I really didn't want to impose, but I simply had to ask... What fragrance are you wearing?"


CurlyFragrance picked 16 colognes that work 99.9% to turn women on.

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7 commentaires

this fucking cologne is so steeze, me and boy chetty coat ourselves in this shit before fully sending it for several hours straight in the casinos

Stephen Deleonardis 24 avril 2023

all the little girls love it when i arrive at their 9th birthday party wearing this with a box of edibles in hand

Justice Riggi 24 avril 2023

got promoted after getting the soulja boy cologne i love it

ethan lebar 24 avril 2023

fleektovën this shit be smellin soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooood… i walk into tha middle school and all the 8th graders instantly be feelin my vibe

Roadrash2112 (The Team Green Bard) 24 avril 2023

god i love soulja boy so much this smells so good i bet its what big soulja smells like wow i miss him please call me back i miss you andre

chris kindred 24 avril 2023

this is awesome! i love soulja boy gaming. this smels great. i love this smell mmmm big soulja smell wow it smells so good.

chris kindred 24 avril 2023


Jose Mancebo 18 avril 2023

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