Meet the Perfumer

Jeremy Fragrance Meets the Perfumer behind SBOY By Draco

Esxence. Milan, Italy

Jeremy Fragrance, the #1 fragrance influencer and one of the top critics in the world, meets the perfumer behind SBOY By Draco at Esxence show in Milan, Italy. Watch to learn about how SBOY By Draco fragrances were made, who was involved, what was Soulja Boy's role with the creation process compared to other celebrity perfume.

And yes, Jeremy Fragrance gives his verdict and shares what he thinks of SBOY By Draco For Him.

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I’ve read Some great revieuws of sboy.
Now i want to buy one but where in the netherlands can i find a reseller. I want to surprise my griende with this fragrance. Hope to hear from you.

Hans van der Beek December 26, 2022

I just order this , I can’t wait to I surprise my ladies with this !!

Basil November 26, 2022

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