Cheraye's First Impression


We are so excited to share with you SBOY By Draco perfumes video review from one of our favorite influencers, Cheraye Lewis (@cherayeslifestyle). Watch Cheraye's first impression of SBOY By Draco For Her and SBOY By Draco For Her after trying and wearing both for a few days.

There is more! Cheraye loved it so much she asked us to create a special discount for her followers. Get ADDITIONAL $35 OFF with her promo code:


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I purchased the perfume because cheraye was so hyped about the notes the 📦 when she smelled the scent I wish I was there to. I bought the one for her and then bought the one for him thank you cheraye

FRANCINE CLARK July 05, 2022

I wanna smell rich

Anthony Purvis July 02, 2022

Cheraye did her thing it’s because of her that I purchased this frangrance look forward to smelling good good !

Bashawn Johnson July 01, 2022

It was because of Cheraye that I decided to place an order for this perfume and I enjoyed my $25 off too!! a
thank you so very much I can’t wait to receive it!!

Carla Tyson July 01, 2022

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