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Article: Cheraye's First Impression

Cheraye's First Impression

We are so excited to share with you SBOY By Draco perfumes video review from one of our favorite influencers, Cheraye Lewis. Watch Cheraye's first impression of SBOY By Draco For Her and SBOY By Draco For Her after wearing both for a few days.

There is more! Cheraye loved it so much she asked us to create a special discount for her followers.

Get ADDITIONAL $35 OFF with her promo code CHERAYE

Comment below and share your thoughts!


I purchased the perfume because cheraye was so hyped about the notes the 📦 when she smelled the scent I wish I was there to. I bought the one for her and then bought the one for him thank you cheraye


I wanna smell rich

Anthony Purvis

Cheraye did her thing it’s because of her that I purchased this frangrance look forward to smelling good good !

Bashawn Johnson

It was because of Cheraye that I decided to place an order for this perfume and I enjoyed my $25 off too!! a
thank you so very much I can’t wait to receive it!!

Carla Tyson

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